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About The Flag


  • PATRIOTISM. Nineteen stars form a circle around the larger center star, which represents Mississippi as the 20th state to join the nation in 1817.
  • UNITY. The circular shape symbolizes unity and continuity, and is drawn from artifacts of indigenous peoples to our Mississippi region.
  • SERVICE. The central blue star symbolizes the Mississippi spirit of service by drawing inspiration from the Service Star flag, which honors active-duty service members.
  • SPIRITUALITY. The white field on which the stars rest represents spirituality and possibility.
  • HONOR.  The red color represents the blood spilled by Mississippians, whether civilian or military, who have honorably given their lives in pursuit of liberty and justice for all.



If any organization had a logo that so negatively impacted its morale and bottom line in the way that Mississippi’s current flag does, it would be changed in a heartbeat. Mississippi deserves a flag that is evocative, not provocative.

  1. Mississippi needs a symbol that exemplifies unity, not division.
  2. Mississippi needs a symbol that does not deny our past, and focuses on our future.
  3. Mississippi needs a symbol that represents all its people.
  4. Mississippi needs a symbol that does not inhibit economic development.
  5. Mississippi deserves one symbol that any citizen can fly proudly without a moment’s hesitation.


  1. ONE STRONG DESIGN. To change the current flag, Mississippi needs one strong design to unify around. The Hospitality Flag was designed in consultation with world-renowned vexillologist Ted Kaye, author of Good Flag, Bad Flag, on her design. 
  2. LOOK TO OUR FUTURE. The confederate symbol is today more globally recognized as a symbol of racist ideology than it is of the state of Mississippi. The magnolia flag, sometimes suggested as its alternative, was originally commissioned and adopted by the newly seceded Republic of Mississippi in 1861. The magnolia flag was actually the official flag of secession. 
  3. SHOVEL READY. The Hospitality Flag is already the best-selling flag in Mississippi, and has been for three years. It is vetted, branded, affordable, and accessible to all.


  1. BIPARTISANSHIP. The flag does not belong to one party. Just as the Hospitality Flag stands for unity, this is a unified effort among Mississippians to fly a flag representative of all its people.
  2. GRASSROOT MOVEMENT. The people hold the power for change; the Hospitality Flag is a grassroots movement that caught fire.
  3. POSITIVITY. This flag captures our history and our hopes, without denying or romanticizing our past. It has a focus on HISTORY + HOPE + HOSPITALITY. This is a flag Mississippians can fly proudly without a moment of hesitation. #PutItUp